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Stimulating Scalp Massage Brush

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This handheld Stimulating Scalp Massage Brush is amazing for supporting a healthy scalp. 

 The Benefits

💜 Stimulates the scalp to promote hair growth
💜 Exfoliates to remove flaky dead skin
💜 Helps you to relieve stress & tension 

How it works

By gently massaging your scalp with the brush this exfoliates, loosens dandruff, and increases blood circulation which helps relieve stress and tension, best of all it will encourage your hair to grow. This will take your hair care routine to new heights and make your hair and head even happier.

How to use

Apply shampoo to your hair as normal. Hold the massage brush in the palm of your hand and move back and forth using a pressure that is comfortable for you but one that will stimulate your scalp.

Be aware that if you have long or curly hair this may cause tangling if you are using circular motions.Once you have massaged your whole head rinse and apply Mad Moment hair conditioner (you can use the brush for this too).


FREE Shipping as standard.

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If you feel it doesn't make your hair super soft and shiny then just let us know and we will refund you all your money.

Grow Your Hair, Grow Our Planet

Our eco-friendly packaging and pledge to plant more trees each time you shop, you not only promote the growth of your own hair.

But you're part of the mission to help grow more trees on our beautiful planet.