My Story

Mad Moments was born out of a love of expressive art, in the form of hair colour and transformation. I have rocked nearly every colour of the rainbow, experimented with an array of hairstyles, and tried more than a few transformative looks. Each time I dyed my hair or tried something new, I felt as if it was a mad moment, an outburst of individuality and freedom if you will.

Over time, one thing became very apparent - nearly every time I changed my hair, I realised I loved the look but hated the damage. So, determined to not let anything get in the way of my colourful experiments, I created Mad Moments hair conditioner - a deeply nourishing conditioner that not only restores the hair but protects it from future damage too.

With a rich history in the cosmetics industry, from the get-go I ensured the product had all the right cruelty free, vegan ingredients to produce monumental results. However, I was also set on making sure the product created a fun, unique experience for the consumer when used. Hence, Mad Moments is bursting with cherry fragrance and contains shimmering eco-friendly glitter, to make the road to silky hair that little bit more fun.
I don’t believe the mad moments we all have should ever stop, so I created the perfect product to ensure they never have to. The world can now be full of expression and colour, with less the damage.

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