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Hopefully by now you are feeling excited about upcycling. I will be breaking down  a few different ideas for your Mad Moments jars. Upcycling jars is super easy (you’ll see in a second) and it looks great.

Upcycling jars doesn’t need to stop with your Mad Moments one either. There are bars that use jam jars for glasses, pickle jars for paint brushes and so many other ideas. 

But, here are a few ideas you can try with your Mad Moments jars… just remember to fully empty your jar and thoroughly clean it before giving these ago. 

Glowing Sugar Scrub

Home made Sugar Scrub

1 cup of sugar of your choice:
Brown Sugar – for a gentle scrub great for sensitive skin, can be used on the face too. As this is gentle it can be used 4 times a week.
Pure Cane Sugar – for all skin types, it contains nutrients essentials for your skin. Can be used 2-3 times a week.
Raw Natural Cane Sugar (Turbinado Sugar) – Is the coarsest of the sugars so it makes a great body scrub and holds the most essential minerals. Can be used up to 2 times a week.

3 Tablespoons of sweet almond oil, jojoba oil or extra virgin olive oil.
Sweet Almond is rich in vitamins E and K, which help skin regenerate and maintain elasticity. It is also a natural UV blocker and promotes better circulation. It absorbs quickly without leaving an oily residue and is a good choice for all skin types.
Jojoba Oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Its odourless, non-greasy, and penetrates quickly. This is a good moisturising conditioner and nourishes all skin types.
Olive Oil penetrates deeply into the skin, making it good for overly dry skin. It also is good for soothing dry, itchy skin.

You can add a few drops of your favourite essential oil for example - spearmint, lavender, lemon ect.


Add your ingredients to your now empty and clean Mad Moments Jar and add 1 tablespoon of oil at a time, mixing in-between. Make sure the mixture stays a sandy consistency otherwise your sugar will dissolve. Add any extras you want to use at the end and mix well.

How to use:
After a relaxing bath whilst your hair is still being deep conditioned, pat your skin dry and rub the sugar scrub onto your skin in a circular motion. Soaking in the bath first will help soften the skin allowing the scrub to work its best and absorb those lovely oils. 

Hair Accessories

Upcycled hair accessory pot

Where is a bobby pin when you need one? I am forever losing them and then finding them down the sides of the sofa or hearing them disappear up the hoover argh. So why not dedicate your empty jar to storing your hair accessories, bobbles, bobby pins, scrunchies, hair clip, whatever it may be so you dont lose them to the void. 

Jewellery jar on your travels

When you go away, and you need to store your jewellery so it doesnt get lost in your bag or even at home. Our Jars are sturdy and can take a tumble around a bag whilst protecting your precious jewellery. There is nothing worse than losing an earring or your favourite necklace. 

Upcycled Plant Pot 

upcycled jar plant pot

Give your jar new life, literally. I love my plants, I love growing them and seeing them bloom, our jars are the perfect size to get those seeds planted and thriving. They would look so good painted on your kitchen windowsill with herbs in. The possibilities are endless. Please make sure you wash the jar properly before doing this. 


up cycled jar for crafts

Some of you probably already know that I am a huge crafter. I love everything craft related, and I recently used one of my empty Mad Moments jars for keeping cut out mermaid scales in ready for when I need to use them. They are also great for pins, crystals, gems, string, elastic, paint, little bits you dont want to lose while you craft away. 

Get Upcycling

Now you have sooooo many ways you can start using your jars for more creative and exciting things. But don’t just stop at our jars, use anything else around your house that you would usually throw away and upcycle instead. 

It’s great to do during the holidays or even at the weekend with the kids, they’ll love it! 

I can’t wait to see all your upcycled jars on my newsfeed, remember to tag Mad Moments and use #madmomentsupcycle

Benefits of Upcycling

Aside from the completely obvious benefits for the planet, there are more benefits to upcycling your Mad Moments jars than you may think. Here’s just a few, including some of the obvious ones…

1 - No landfill waste

By upcycling things you would usually throw away, it will reduce the amount of rubbish filling up the landfill sites. Do you remember the programme scrap heap challenge? Where teams would compete against each other in a scrap yard to find items to make different machines or robots. Then they would do various tasks with the things they had made. I know I am old but ssssh!

It really showcases how much goes into a landfill or scrap yard that could still be used for something else. As the saying goes ‘one mans trash is another mans treasure.’ It’s true.

2 - Less use of energy

As I said earlier, it takes energy to recycle something. So the more we can conserve, the better.

Every little helps, even with the lorry that collects your rubbish. Every extra load it carries uses more fuel. You may be thinking that your one Mad Moments jar wouldn’t make a big difference, but believe me, when there are a lot of them they are heavy!

If everyone did their little bit, we could cut the amount of fuel each bin lorry would use. It’s amazing what everyone pulling together can do.

3 - Stress reliever

Yes that’s right, getting creative can relieve stress. You will be amazed at how freeing it is to let go of the world for a little bit and put your mind to something different. Concentrating on a creative project like the ones listed below will be a perfect stress buster and you will get something awesome at the end of it.  You will not only feel relaxed but you will feel like you have accomplished something too.

4 - Unique products

Although Ikea is amazing, sometimes it can be a bit annoying when you see everyone else has the same as you. From little furnishings to your comfy sofa. Nothing seems to have the uniqueness we all crave for. If you do find something you like, it usually costs a small fortune.

instead, create your own one-of-a-kind product. You can style it how you want, use it as you wish and feel good while creating it. Plus, it saves you money in the process.

So the next time you have people over and they admire your new plant pot, you can say with a big smile that you made it.

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