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Healthy Jubilee Hair

Keeping Your Hair Healthy

Its finally the long-awaited Platinum jubilee bank holiday and it is rumoured to be a hot one!!!

People will be celebrating with street parties, drinking cloudy lemonade, eating scones and jam, and spending time with the ones they love.

We always think about the sun protecting our skin with the correct SPF; however, you also need to be thinking about your hair and how you can make sure it doesn’t get damaged in the heat.

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Healthy Hair Tips

There are lots of things you can do to keep your hair healthy and happy all whilst enjoying the sun.
Start by avoiding heat treatments, lower the temperature on your hair dryer and straighteners and if possible, avoid using them altogether. If you fancy some curls, try one of many heatless styles to achieve those beautiful bouncy curls. Or pop your hair up, in a loose but very chic updo. 

We have already done the research for you, giving you time for that extra glass of Pimm’s, and we have found some styles for both long and short hair.

Conditioner or Shampoo first?

People ask this all the time, but use your shampoo first and try to cut down on how many times you are washing and using shampoo on your hair. We know it can be tempting, especially if you have had a day in the sun. But washing your hair too many times can strip your hair from those natural protective oils. If you are finding your hair is getting too greasy then you can opt for a gentle dry shampoo. 

Is Conditioner Good For Hair?

Do you want the short answer, or the short answer? YES!

Especially in the heat, increase those deep conditioning treatments, use Mad Moments conditioner on dry hair for 30 plus minutes to really feel the benefits. Do this at least once a week while things are heating up. This will protect your hair and reverse any damage caused. Some of our customers even use the conditioner in hair overnight like a hair mask, but beware, you may end up with a very glittery pillow.

conditioner straw hat summer party

Hair Protection

The best way to protect those fabulous locks are to throw on a hat. Make sure it is a wide brimmed hat, so it also offers as much protection to your face and neck. You can make this a statement piece if you like, and it offers your hair the protection it needs. A hat will provide you extra UV protection, but a hat will also reduce any damage caused by wind, especially if your hair is prone to tangling.

I personally love the classic straw hat like this one from ASOS

Finally, as we live in Britian and our weather is so unpredictable, make sure you grab an umbrella too!! 

Enjoy the bank holiday,


Love Robyn xx

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