Hair Colour Ideas To Flaunt This Summer

Hair Colour Ideas To Flaunt This Summer

We are loving these sunny days. With the sunshine, bright summer hair is in!

Whether you dye your hair at home or go to the salon, it is a way of reinventing yourself, creating a brighter more confident version of you. We are all for naturally sun-kissed hair and natural locks, but sometimes you just want to let your wild side be bold and vibrant. So adding some colour to create the perfect mermaid tresses or just a bold bright in your face colour that gets heads turning is a great way to make you feel shiny and new again. 


We have done the research for you and have come up with the top hair colour ideas for Summer 2022. 


Hair Colour Ideas

Your hair is part of your style that stays with you every day. You can change your dress, wear different shoes and have a completely different way of doing your make-up. But having lots of hair colour ideas will help to show your personality this summer. 


Because we rarely change our hair colour as often as we re-do our face, right? 


Giving yourself a bit more time to think about what your next summer colour will be takes a bit more time than deciding what dress to wear today (and that can take some time too). 


We are going to give you the top trending hair colour ideas for summer 2022. Get ready to turn heads at the next barbecue and try one of these hair colour ideas we have for you. 


Bright Red

One of the top vivid colours is bright red, we mean fire engine red. 

Red light or post box red. It’s bold and striking. 

Like a red traffic light, you will stop people as they walk by with your bright red hair.


Hot Pink 

Now, if you adore pastel pink, but want brighter then why not Hot pink. 

It’s vibrant, adventurous and looks stunning across all complexions. 

Let’s face it, if pink is good enough for Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, then its good enough for us. Hot pink looks great with tan too, so perfect for Summer. 

Pink isn’t just for Wednesdays!

Vibrant Coral

This colour gives us those under the sea feels, perfect for sun, sand and sea. To complete it go for soft beachy waves with a heatless hair style. Coral is gorgeous with sun-kissed skin so perfect for the summer months. 


Electric Orange 

Take it up a notch with Electric orange. This vivid colour is certainly not a blend into the background kind of colour. This colour is all about going bigger, brighter, and bolder, and orange hair does all of that and more. 

Rich Purple

If you love bright colours, but maybe you want a little more toned down, purple is the way to go. You can shade it from a lavender, to rich purple and you will find a shade that flatters all complexions. 

Rainbow hair 

Now this is a trend we absolutely love. 

It’s one of our favourites and you can go in very different directions. You could go completely bright rainbow, or if that’s too bright, then pastel it down. 

You could even just try a few colours that you like that blend well together. You still get that bright mix of colours, but it’s a bit more subtle. 

As an alternative, try a peekaboo rainbow look where the colours sit underneath the top layer of your hair. 


Hair Care Tips 

Remember bright coloured hair is beautiful but it can fade quickly so like all coloured hair make sure that you are treating it and taking care of it. Use a quality shampoo made for coloured hair and top it off with a conditioner. 

For a more intense treatment on holiday or in a heatwave, use our conditioner once a week leaving it on for 30+ minutes. 

Mad Moments will help revive and restore your gorgeous locks so get a mirror shine no matter how many times it's been dyed or heated. It will help with your hair growth and will help protect those amazing colours.


Love Robyn xx

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